Abbreviation: 46LA1 Load: 30(L) + 15(S) + 0(CP) + 0(EXE) + 0(P) + 0(ST) + 30(LE) + 0(ME) + 0(SCP) + 0(FE) + 0(CE) + 0(PP) + 0(MSCP)
Lecturers in charge: mr. sc. Vesna Cetin Krnjević
Course description: Empire of wildlife. The origin and evolution of cells. The basic methods of research in biology and test organisms. The molecular composition of cells, metabolic energy, the cell membrane. Basics of molecular biology; inheritance, genes and chromosomes, telomeres and aging cells. Structure and DNA replication. The flow of genetic information; prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes, chromosomes and chromatin. Replication and repair of DNA. The synthesis and processing of RNA. Translation. Cell structure; nucleus, nucleolus, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes. Bioenergetics and metabolism: mitochondria, chloroplasts and peroxisomes. Cell cycle; mitosis, meiosis. Aneuploidy and polyploidy. Reproductive biology. Reproductive health. The basic mechanisms of inheritance. Monohybrid crucifixion. Multiple alleles. Dihybrid crossing. Related genes, recombination. Sexual-linked inheritance.
Lecture languages: - - -
Compulsory literature:
1. G. M. Cooper i R. E. Hausman: Stanica, molekularni pristup, Medicinska naklada, 2004. (odabrana poglavlja)
2. Katedra za biologiju (V. Crnek-Kunstelj, ur.): Medicinska biologija (skripta), Zagreb, Medicinski fakultet, 2003. (odabrana poglavlja)
3. Sylvia S. Mader, Michael Windelspecht: Biology, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2015.
Recommended literature: - - -
L - Lectures
FE - Field exercises
CE - Project laboratory
PP - Preclinical practicals
MSCP - Mentorship of special clinical practicals
S - Seminar
CP - Clinical practicals
EXE - Exercises of applied kinesiology
P - Practicum
ST - Sectio training
LE - Laboratory exercises
ME - Methodology exercises
SCP - Special clinical practicals
* - Not graded