The mission of the University of Applied Health Sciences is to organize and execute the highest quality professional, and in the very near future, university study programs in health care education and thus contribute to improving health and ethical standards, quality of health services, reducing health care spending, improving human relations in health and protecting patients’ rights. This will be achieved by offering study programs harmonised with the European standards, modern organization of classes, quality teaching process with the use of the latest medical and information technologies.


Our vision is to become the leading higher education institution in the field of health care education, recognized for its fifty-year-old tradition and attained excellence in Croatia, the region and Europe.

The realization of this vision anticipates a close cooperation with professional associations and related institutions of higher education in the region and the EU countries, based on a high degree of mobility of teachers and students, development of joint studies and the pursuit of shared professional and applied scientific research. Cooperation with similar higher education institutions in Croatia, especially with institutions that educate all types of medical staff, has always been a commitment of this institution.

In line with the strategic objectives of the Expert Council, the University of Applied Health Sciences has been continuously improving the existing and at the same time preparing new curricula for two-year specialist graduate professional studies in order for all undergraduate students to have the opportunity to continue their studies for another two years. Furthermore this will meet the needs of employers, primarily the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia, and the needs for educating over 20 000 nurses in the Croatian health system, who at the moment do not have the level of education harmonised with the European Commission documents which define certain standards of education for regulated professions, primarily for nurses (Directive 2005/36 EC). Following the transition of our institution to a university level institution the existing specialist graduate programs will be further developed as graduate university study programs.

The development prospects of the University of Applied Health Sciences as a public higher education institution depend on the social determinants of developing the entire higher education system as well as the needs of the health system, which is the primary purpose of educating students at the University of Applied Health Sciences. Consequently, the Development Strategy of the University is linked to fundamental documents that determine the current and planned future development of these two systems. This primarily involves the existing laws and regulations, and most importantly the Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act (OG 123/03, 198/03, 105/04, 174/04, 2/07 – Decision of the Croatian Constitutional Court, 46/07, 45/09, 63/11, 94/13 and 139/13) and the strategic document of the Government of the Republic of Croatia Strategy of Science and Higher Education Development in Croatia 2014-2018, which have been implemented in the Development Strategy of the University of Applied Health Sciences and Operational Plan 2015-2020 (Class:003-08/15-02/02, Reg.: 251-379-10-15-03, 29 January 2015).

In line with the strategic commitment of the founder, The Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, defined in the document of 12 June 2013, (Class: 602-04/13-10/00064), further reinforced by the official letter of the Minister of Health (20 November 2014, Class: 011-02/14-11/48, Reg:, 534-01/1-14-2), as well as the official letter with the proposal of the Minister of Science, Education and Sports (1 December 2014, class: 602-04/14-10/00091, Reg: 533-20-14-0002) on the establishment of the Zagreb University Department of Health Studies by reorganizing the study programs, and with the expressed unison written support of professional associations and chambers – Croatian Nursing Council (Class:001-01-14-01/95, Reg: 696-1-1-14-01, 25 December 2014), Croatian Society of Physiotherapists (26 June 2014), Croatian Council of Physiotherapists (Class:010-01-14-03/18, Reg: 333-01-14-1, 30 June 2014), Croatian Chamber of Health Professionals, Department of Occupational Therapists (Class: TR-i-30, Reg: 351-RT-I/14-30-2, 26 September 2014), Croatian Chamber of Health Professionals, Department of Radiological Technology Activity (Class: i-43, Reg: 351-ZRT-I/ 14-43, 7 July 2014), Croatian Chamber of Health Professionals, Department of Medical Laboratory Activity (Class: i-43, Reg: 351-ML-I/14-92-2, 3 October 2014) – the University of Applied Health Sciences will in the next period develop in accordance with the “strategic orientation and development through the transformation of professional programs to university programs for a number of different health professions” (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, 12 June 2013, Class: 602-04/13-10/00064), and prepare and carry out all actions necessary to initiate the establishment of the Zagreb University Department of Health Studies as a new constituent of the University of Zagreb with the retention of legal personality (in accordance with the accepted proposal of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, from 1 December 2014, Class: 602-04/14-18/758, Reg: 251-379-1-14-06.).

Concurrently with the reorganization of the institution, the vision is also to achieve thus far unrealized efforts of previous generations to build the institution’s own premises which would solve the long-standing problem of using dislocated premises. This, alongside with becoming the constituent of Zagreb University is also a fundamental strategic and development objective for the next five-year period.