e-mail: ppi@zvu.hr


The right to access information overseen by the University of Applied Health Studies (hereinafter University) is governed by Access to Information Act (O.G. 25/13). The Act regulates the principle of the right to access information, exceptions to that right and the process for obtaining and protecting the right to access information. The right to access information is achieved by submitting a request for access to information which can be made orally or in writing.

If the request is made in writing, it is necessary to fill the appropriate request form. In the event that the form is not used, it is desirable to indicate that it is a request for access to information.

Written requests for obtaining the right to access information can be sent:

• by post to the following address : University of Applied Health Studies    Studies , Mlinarska cesta 38, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia • by e-mail at : ured-pi@zvu.hr ; e-mail titled : “Request for information ” • by fax : 01 / 5495 958 , indicating ” Request for information “

Oral requests can be made:

  • by phone: tel. +385 1 5495 875

The request for access to information in order to be valid, must include as follows:

• name and address of the public body/authorities to which the request is submitted,

• requested information (information that is important to identify the required piece of  information)

• name, surname and address of the applicant,

• company name/name of the legal entity and their head office.

The applicant is not required to state the reasons for requesting the access to information. The University is entitled to reimbursement of actual costs incurred by the applicant in connection with providing the information requested.