The University of Applied Health Sciences was founded 52 years ago, in 1966, under the name of the Advanced School of Nursing and Health Technicians. Even though the beginnings of its work and teaching activities were more than modest, the current position of the University as one of the three most desirable higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia where the best secondary school graduates wish to continue their education, is the result of continuous painstaking and goal-oriented work of the entire University, which for decades has held the leading position in the education of health professionals in Croatia.

About 600 teachers and collaborators participate in teaching activities at 40 associated institutions at primary, secondary and tertiary level, educating around 4000 students in this academic year only, at 12 accredited study programs, with already over 20,000 graduated health professionals from all types of health professions – a figure that shows the dynamics and the capacity of the University.

The mission of the University is to organize and have the best quality study programs at the professional level of health education and thus contribute to the improvement of health and ethical standards, quality of health services, healthier relationships in health care, protection of the patient’s rights and health care centered around the patient. This mission is achieved through the implementation of European standards of customized study programs, modern organization and quality teaching, with the use of new medical and information technologies. The success of the mission does not end with the gradution ceremony and the award of well-deserved diplomas. It is further pursued through our Center for Lifelong Learning, whose goal is active, systematical and modern lifelong education of interested health professionals.

The University’s vision is to remain not only the largest and most influential institution of this profile in our country, but also to continuously confirm and justify its current position as the leading higher education institution with a rich tradition in the education of health professionals, recognized for its excellence in Croatia, the countries of the region and Europe. In the realization of this vision, we are assisted by close and collegial cooperation with professional associations and chambers and related institutions of higher education in the region and in the EU countries, based on a high level of teacher and student mobility and enriched by the development of joint professional and applied scientific research through our Translational Research Center.

The greatest wealth is people. In fact, you respected students are the greatest value of this University, this society, this community and our country. Celebrating the Day of the University, with  perspective focused towards the future, with optimism, we start a new day that always brings new challenges which we at the University view as opportunities to show that we can always do more and that we can always do better.

Let’s respect and appreciate each other. You as our students and colleagues do show appreciation by respecting your teachers, their experience and life wisdom, and we as our teachers will always see you as our colleagues, future collaborators and experts. In the teaching process, we will always continue to strive to give the best of ourselves, selflessly transferring and exchanging knowledge and experience with you.

As responsible academics we give our contribution to today, and this bears fruits that guarantee us a brighter and more beautiful future! Keeping this in mind, let’s actively participate in the life and work of the University, first and foremost everyone according to their own capabilities, and then let’s jointly give our contribution to the prosperity of our society.


Professor Krešimir Rotim, MD, PhD