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Specialist Graduate Professional Study in Physiotherapy

Education of physical therapists in Croatia needs to be harmonised with the European and world standards of education, which implies the approval and implementation of undergraduate professional study of physical therapy with the title and status of baccalaureate in physical therapy. A physical therapist who has completed undegraduate study program should be enabled to continue education at graduate studies in Croatia or in any other European country where such educational programs exist.

With regard to the demographic trends Croatian Ministry of Health reacted in terms of initiating the reform of the health care system. The following strategic goals of the reform are specifically emphasised: prolongation of life expectancy, improvement of quality of life  and accessibility of health care services. It is obvious that the reformed health care system is meant to ensure optimal and efficient health care provision and should contribute to promotion of each individual’s health and the health of the whole population through measures of health maintenance and improvement, prevention of disease, and treatment and rehabilitation of the sick and disabled.

Guided by the need to harmonize the study program with European standards in the training of physiotherapists, the need for treatment and rehabilitation organizations and to achieve greater efficiency and lower costs of providing health services, by accepting the Bologna Declaration, the Republic of Croatia has committed itself to harmonizing its system of higher education with the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) – thus, during 2004 on the initiative of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports it started the process of designing the curricula of university and polytechnic studies harmonized with similar studies in Europe.
The need for physical therapists in these narrow specialist areas was identified in the health care system as well (Official Gazette no. 90, 2004).

From all the relevant data it is evident that physical therapy has an essential role in quality helth care and it can be said that it is a profession of the future in the Republic of Croatia. With the aim of establishing and ensuring adequate standards in the education of physical therapists, they can continue their studies at specialist graduate study program of physiotherapy.

General information

Name of the Study

Specialist Graduate Professional Study in Physiotherapy


Teaching Institution

University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb



Two (2) academic years, four (4) semesters


Admission Conditions

Fully completed three-year undergraduate professional  study of physiotherapy and a four-year university study. Knowledge of a foreign language (English or German). Professional experience is and advantage but is not obligatory.

Job skills and competences

Job skills and competences

  • Upon completion of a specialist graduate study, a professional physical therapist with an M.A. degree will be able to:

    • work in educational programs for physical therapists at higher education institutions,
    • train in a narrow field of expertise and independently and responsibly apply this expertise,
    • participate in the process of planning, organizing and conducting physical therapy activities within health care and rehabilitation facilities,
    • understand the theory and methodology of scientific research,
    • acquire knowledge and skills related to the conducting of research and interpretation of research findings in the field of physiotherapy,
    • critically analyse  research in the field of physical therapy and related fields,
    • participate in professional and scientific projects dealing with the application of physical therapy programs, methods and concepts, as well as other research.

Other information

General objectives

  • training physical therapists to comply with and apply European standards in physical therapy education and practice,
  • contributing to the awareness of the need for continuing professional training, the need to monitor and contribute to new developments in physical therapy practice,
  • training physical therapists for teamwork and collaboration with experts from all relevant disciplines in order to achieve professional and scientific goals of health care system.

Specific objectives

  • develop and improve physical therapy specialty areas,
  • independently and responsibly apply physical therapy specialty expertise,
  • develop the ability to critically analyze research in the field of physical therapy and related fields,
  • develop the ability to initiate, plan and conduct research in the field of physiotherapy, as well as report on the research activities and the results,
  • actively participate in the implementation of various models of teaching in clinical and academic settings in accordance with the characteristics of the course attendants,
  • keep records on the teaching process with full responsibility.


Venues for study program implementation

Theoretical clases

  1. University      of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb
  2. Zagreb      School of Medicine
  3. Faculty      of Kinesiology in Zagreb

Practical training

  1. University      of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb
  2. Clinical      hospitals in Zagreb
  3. University      of Zagreb laboratories
  4. Clinics      in Zagreb and surrounding area

Lectures are held in lecture halls, laboratories, demonstration rooms and clinical centers in Zagreb and surrounding area.  Multimedia approach is used in instrucion. Students will visit clinical centres that apply adequate standards.

Evaluation of the study program implementation and efficiency

Students evaluate the overall teaching process by means of completing evaluation questionnaires.

Enrolment in the next year of study

In order for the student to be able to pass to the second academic year, the student must collect 45 ECTS points.

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