Professional study programmes at University of Applied Health Studies

According to the Agency for Science and Higher Education regulations candidates can apply to the first year of professional studies after having passed their State Matura exam and through National Information and Application System for Higher Education (

Number of students to be enrolled in the first year of study:

No. Study programme Number of students
Full-time students Part-time students
1. Physiotherapy 80 20
2. Physiotherapy (Pakrac) 0 60
3. Medical-laboratory diagnostics 50 10
4. Radiological technology 50 10
5. Occupational therapy 50 0
6. Environmental Health 50 10
7. Nursing 80 30

Admission and enrolment conditions

First year of study:

a)  State Matura Exams:

  1. Croatian      language(B level)
  2. Maths      (B level)
  3. Foreign      language ( Blevel)

b)   Medical certificate of general health status

c)    For the study of Radiological technology – permission to work in the zone of ionizing radiation (cariogram is not necessary). The permission can be obtained from the State institute for radiological protection and nuclear safety. List of institutions can be viewed here

d)    For the study of Medical-laboratory diagnostics – documents which include an eye and colour vision test.

e)     Photocopy of an identity card and a clearly written personal identification number

National Information  and Application System for Higher Education will rank the candidates based on the Decision on admission and enrolment criteria

After evaluation the list of candidates will be published at National Information System   through which applicants confirm their enrolment.

Only applicants who have achieved the minimum allowed score for admission will have the right to enrol.