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Committee for Quality

1. Mara Županić, PhD – chair
2. Representative of the non-teaching staff –Dušan Dojčinović, BA
3. Representative of the teaching staff – Iva Takšić, MA
4. Representative of the teaching staff – Mirjana Telebuh, MA
5. Outside member –Goran Krstačić, PhD
6. Student representative


Committee for Internal Evaluation of the Quality System

1. Representative of the  teaching staff  – Morana Bilić, MA
2. Representative teaching staff –Tatjana Njegovan Zvonarević, MA
3. Representative of teaching staff – Ivna Kocijan, PhD
4. Representative of the non-teaching staff – Ivica Pripeljaš
5. Outside member – Igor Filipčić, MD
6. Student representative
7. Ana Marija Hošnjak, MA