Why taking B.A. study courses at the University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb?


University of Applied Health Sciences, Mlinarska 38

The University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb has a 50-year old tradition in the education of health professionals in the fields of nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical laboratory diagnostics, environmental health engineering and medical radiography and radiology.
The nearly half-a-century tradition and close relation between the teachers of the University of Applied Health Sciences and health care practice warrants top quality teaching in the theory and medical practice courses resulting in the acquisition of overall theoretical and practical competences needed in performing complex jobs in health and allied professions.

The study programs carried out at the University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb are organized in two levels. The first level consists of B.A. three-year study programs upon the completion of which the students have the status of professional baccalaureate.

The second level, or the diploma program, takes two more academic years and the graduates have the status of professionals with diploma of a given profession. At the level of baccalaureate, or three-year study programs the students can register as regular and as part-time students, whereas the diploma study programs are mostly organized for part-time students, i.e. those who are already experienced in their practice. All study programs have 50% of theory courses and 50% of clinical practice. The theory courses are about 50 health institutions, the greatest among which are the Zagreb, Dubrava and Sestre Milosrdnice (Sisters of Mercy) clinical hospitals. Upon completion of all study requirements, our graduates have no problems in finding job either in the health care system or in other allied fields.

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